About Mughal Cuisine Culture

MUGHAL CUISINE consists of dishes developed or popularised in the medieval PAKISTAN-INDIAN-PERSIAN cultural of the Mughal Empire.

It represents a combination of
cuisine of the Indian subcontinent with the cooking styles and recipes of Central
Asian and Islamic Cuisine.


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Food in Subcontinent in Pakistan & India is an identity marker of caste, class, family, kinship, tribe affiliation, lineage, religiosity, ethnicity, and increasingly, of secular group identification.

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Subcontinental Cuisine is known for its unique blend of flavors, spices, and ingredients that make it one of the most sought-after cuisines in the world.

Whether it is the spicy and tangy flavors of the Pakistan & India region, the aromatic and flavorful dishes of Pakistan & India, the savory and Spice cuisine of Peshawar, or the delicious and crispy snacks of Islamabad & Karachi. Subcontinental food has something to offer for everyone.

サブコンチネンタル クイジーヌは、食材とフレーバー、スパイス等を独自にブレンドした、世界で最も人気のある料理のうちの1つです


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About Georgian Wine Culture

Qvevri wine is a direct link to 8000 years of wine culture. Humanity’s love of making something delicious and symbolic, and drinking it with friends. Georgian Qvevri wines with a thicker texture and spicier, peppery, meaty fruit character. White grapes fermented in Qvevri become ‘Orange’ or ‘Amber’ wine. The juice takes on the deep orange colour of the tannin and compounds of the skins, and intense and complex aromatics of walnut, mandarin, and dried herbs. Georgian Orange wines feel like a red wine and smell like an exotic white. They can taste strange at first but are superb with food, and are growing in popularity across the world.

クヴェヴリ ワインは 8000 年の歴史があり. それは昔から大切な人と美味しい食卓をワインと共に愉しんで来た文化でもあります.
グルジアのクヴェヴリ ワインは 刺激的なスパイスと濃厚な果実のテクスチャーが特徴的、クヴェヴリで発酵させた白ブドウは 果汁と皮のケミストリーから生まれた深い「オレンジ」または「琥珀」色で クルミ、マンダリン、乾燥ハーブの強い複雑な香りのワインになります. ジョージアのオレンジワインは赤ワインのように感じられ、エキゾチックな白ワインのような香りがします。最初は味わった事の無い新鮮な感覚ですが、食べ物との相性は抜群で、いま世界中で人気が高まっています。

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There are several herbs and spices with multiple potential health benefits, such as those with anti-inflammatory properties, cognitive boosters, and some that may even aid in fighting cancer. Out of the wide variety of Spices involved in the preparation of Mughlai Food – Cardamom, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Mace, Saffron include turmeric, peppermint, ginger and many more are the indispensable spices which are considered as a key to every exquisite Mughlai Dishes.


Essential Oil

Essential Oils are the highly concentrated, volatile, aromatic essences of plants. These natural plant oils are appreciated for both their aromatic and flavoring qualities. Many essential oils such as peppermint, lemon and orange are commonly used to flavor desserts, candies and chocolates. Other, more herbal oils, such as thyme and marjoram are for flavoring savory foods such as stews and sauces.

エッセンシャルオイルは、天然由来の揮発性芳香化合物は植物の種、樹皮、茎、根、花、葉、その他の部位に含まれ、芳しく強い香りを放ちます。これらの天然植物油は、香りと風味の両方の品質で高く評価されています。ペパーミント、レモン、オレンジなどの多くのエッセンシャル オイルは、デザート、キャンディー、チョコレートの風味付けによく使用されます。その他、タイムやマジョラムなどのハーブオイルは、シチューやソースなどの風味豊かな食品の風味付けに使用されます。


Praveen Kotian is credited with elevating the reputation of Pakistani-Indian food with his delicate treatment of fresh, seasonal produce.
He has a strong working experience background as Chef in 4 star hotels in India and he Becoming the youngest Indian chef to receive a Japanese Curry Award 2019 in Tokyo Japan at the age of twenty-nine and he was he retained. He is now a Head Chef in Mughal Spice & Lab showcasing the variety, as well as the quality, of Mughal Cuisine.



29歳で東京でJapan カレーアワード2019を受賞した最年少のインド人シェフで、今もその技術は進化し続けています
現在は ムガル スパイス & ラボの料理長として、ムガール料理の多様性と品格を発信しています.

Praveen Kotian (Head Chef)

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